Stay Curious with Stefano Marra’s Graphic Illustrations

Stefano Marra translates complex ideas into simple, but clever, compositions revolving around shapes and colors. “I think that the idea is the center of my work,” he explained in an interview with Illustrators’ Lounge. “If the original idea is good, if it can transmit something, then you can work on it in many ways. In this sense, communication is key to his work—the exchange of ideas between illustrator and viewer.

Based in Italy, Marra’s love for art in general, and graphic art in particular, sparked early on, and he recalls spending most of his childhood drawing. By the age of 5, he was already copying covers of Disney movies, transfixed by their original character designs.

Jump forward two decades or so later, and he’s now working for selected clients that include publications like Wired UK and The Wall Street Journal, as well as brands like NBA Italy and Fast Company.

“My creative process is very simple,” he says. “I try to make a lot of sketches and work to the idea that I have (if I have already an idea) or try to bring the inspiration from art and artist that I like.” Those include masters like Pablo Picasso, Fortunato Depero, and Saul Bass. “But the idea could come from other sources,” notes Marra. “So I’m always curious to find a new inspiration.”

His Instagram page will inspire you to stay curious.