Add Joy to Your Feed with Marijke Buurlage

Looking for a pop of sunshine in your feed? We’ve got your back. Dutch illustrator Marijke Buurlage is known for her colorful take on animals and botanicals, with her designs both playful and vibrant. Call it spring, if you will.

A freelance illustrator, Buurlage’s work is varied and includes editorial illustrations for magazines, children’s books, and book covers, as well as posters, apps, and e-books. She also sells her own line of merch through Etsy where you can find products like posters, pins, and postcards.

Based in the Netherlands, Buurlage grew up in a small village where nature was prevalent. “I think what mostly inspires me is nature,” she told the Hidden Hipsters. “All the colors, patterns, and shapes that you can find in nature are so amazing and beautiful!”

Inspired by nature, her illustrations might be seen as an extension of her immediate environment. “My work often contains ornaments that are inspired by nature,” says Buurlage, “I don’t think I could create anything that is really ‘me’ without these botanical decorations.”

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Happy Chinese New Year! 🎊🏮🐶

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