Step Inside Orlanda Broom’s Exotic Landscapes

Orlanda Broom’s paintings are rich with colors, patterns, and layers. So rich, in fact, that one would argue they’re somewhat claustrophobic. Centered around natural landscapes—either imagined or reimagined— there’s an abundance to her work.

“My landscapes are very densely layered and a built up through lengthy over-painting and using a lot of different application techniques,” explained the UK-based painter in an interview with Jung Katz. With her more abstract work, on the other hand, she admits she has less control. “My abstract paintings are made without any tools or brushes so I have less control over the medium and this is quite a freeing way of working,” says Broom.

According to Broom, her lush and often exotic, landscapes represent fantastical places, which in some sense provide a rose-tinted view of the natural world. A sort of paradise takes shape, but the surface joyousness is often tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment. With her abstract paintings, there is more improvisation.

“I try to exploit beauty and color in my work,” says Broom, “it’s my hook to bring people in and engage further. Generally, I’ve found people respond really well and have some personal connection, idea or memory sparked by it.”