Maud Vantours’ Paper Art is a Bit of Mix and Match

Scrolling through Maud Vantours’ Instagram page, her love of color is evident. Swirling, twirling, and whirling, her paper art creations (sometimes laid flat, other times three dimensional) stand out for their rainbow color palettes.

“The inspiration can come from anything,” said Vantours in an interview with Jung Katz, “an exhibition, a book, an advert. I try to vary my trend inspirations because I want to propose something new for every project, to try something I’ve never done. I do lots of research, samples and try more complicated shapes, new graphic designs, colors or materials to find new orientations.”

Born in 1985 in France, Vantours’ professional background is in textile design and materials research at ESAA Duperré. But as time went by, she found that paper was the very specific material she liked best. “What I like about paper is its flexibility,” she explained. “It’s a material which offers many textures, aspects, and colors, and I like to mix all these possibilities.”

Vantours divides her work process into four steps: first is finding an actual concept or idea; second, is creating a graphic design; then comes the color matching, a crucial step in her design process; last, is the actual production, creating volume with paper. But she notes that every project is different, and can take anything from three days to three months to complete.

Take a look at some of her eye-popping designs.