Step Up Your Wedding Game With These Custom Made Invitations

Emma Fisher carved herself a very specific niche in graphic design: wedding stationery. Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, her design studio, Blush & Blossom, offers a variety of house collections that you can fully customize with your own wording. She also offers private services, creating custom based designs according to your specific needs. Because let’s face it, weddings are all about catering to your very specific needs.

Fisher’s wedding invitations include themes like boho, vintage, and rustic, as well as more traditional and luxurious designs. “I’d hate to think that print and stationery is dying out as it’s so magical to create designs, have these printed and have something tactile to hold and cherish forever,” she admitted in an interview with the Printed blog. “I believe there is still a strong desire for printed stationery and my clients are keeping me busy, so that must be a sign!”

Some of her more out-there designs include DIY “Save the Date” tipis. “We are having a tipi wedding in the Lake District, so after doing a bit of research and various designs, that’s when the pop-up tipi came to life,” she explained. “I love quirky designs and a lot of color, and I also wanted something that people will remember and have some fun with.”

Our favorite design by her? An Art Deco-styled invitation perfect for a Great Gatsby themed wedding. Step up your wedding game.