What’s Better Than Illustrating? Live Illustrating

Illustrator Katie Chappell doesn’t let the pressure get to her. A book illustrator as well as a commercial illustrator, she also offers live illustration for brand promotional events, parties, weddings, and meetings. Her clients include Dove, Nespresso, and Stella Artois, providing entertaining (as well as creatively stimulating) content that includes, illustrating window paintings and Nespresso cups.

Because why capture your event with a camera if you can hire an illustrator to do the work? In an interview with the Printed blog, Chappell admitted that being able to capture information in a visual way is simply great. “I love the challenge of listening carefully and draw quickly at the same time,” she says.

According to Chappell, the thing that makes live illustration stand out is seeing the illustration actually unfold in front of your eyes. “Being able to witness that is something very special,” she says, “people are always very excited when they realize what you’re doing and why you are there. There’s always this skeptical moment when someone is trying to figure out what is going on, and then they want to get involved!”

Inspired by her travels around the world, she makes sure to always take her sketchbook with her. Aside from her commercial work, Chappell also runs creative workshops and lectures part-time. You can also find her online, via Instagram.