Student Captures Beauty of Italian Architecture in Impressive Sketches

Artist and student of computational design Giuliana Flavia Cangelosi describes herself as a “professional travel sketch.” While this might sound a bit strange at first, once you see her artwork, you realized that the term fits her perfectly.

Cangelosi has recently gained exposure on social media thanks to her impressive sketches that show the beauty of Italian architecture. While her works are simple and done with just a black pen, she is able to accurately capture all the details that give a certain monument its uniqueness.

In search for inspiration and “models,” Cangelosi has traveled all over the country and brought back an impressive collection of artworks which include sketches of Catania’s Piazza Duomo, Palermo’s San Domenico and San Giuseppe dei Teatini, as well as Rome’s Coliseum.

Check out some of her work below.