Super Realistic Maps That Pop Out

When we think of maps, we usually think of standard geographic maps that we’ve all used at school, but Scot Reinhard literally adds a new dimension in the world of maps.

Scott is a graphic designer that works in Brooklyn as a freelancer at the New York Times, namely a multimedia and graphics editor. He has previously worked with print and digital graphic for more than ten years and now he combines his experience and knowledge into creating extraordinary maps that change the way you look at the world.

With the help of high-quality chromogenic prints that combine 3-dimensional data with paper, he creates vivid maps that look like they’re 3D model and that you can touch them. These 2D environmental maps that look like that pop out of the page are made by combining historic maps with contemporary data.

Even though these maps are extremely detailed and very eye-catching, they aren’t the only thing this designer makes. He also creates stunning space scenes and misfits that you just can’t stop looking at. For now, you can pick a map from California, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, or even the Moon, but you can also order your own unique map of your favorite place.