Surprisingly Fit Bulldog Go Viral for Incredible Agility

Take a close look at an English bulldog and tell us what you see.

The words “cute” and “stocky” are probably the first things that come into your mind. There are other more descriptive words too, but you probably won’t be calling this breed “active” and “physically fit”, especially because they aren’t.

That doesn’t mean that they will never be though.

Rudy the English bulldog recently proved that looks can be deceiving after competing in the 16-inch class along with Debra, his mom and handler, where he dazzles and amazed audiences by completing the course with ease and showing the kind of agility not typically associated with dogs of his kind.

Unfortunately, despite wowing fans, Rudy did not win.

Still, what’s important is that Rudy was the one that captured the hearts of viewers from all over the globe.

Now, we don’t know what’s more impressive. Is it the fact that Rudy can complete the course with relative ease? Or that his handler and mother actually was able to train him to do it.

In any case, make sure to scroll down below to see Rudy in action.