Guy Takes Starving Stray Dog to Restaurants in LA

A lot can happen in three years — just ask Popeye.

A former stray dog who called the streets home, Popeye was just one of the many homeless dogs roaming around with no one to care for them. That also meant that Popeye, as you’re about to see him now, looked a lot different then, what with his fur matting and him being just skin and bones and all.

Lucky for Popeye, he met his new mom and dad.

Ivy Diep, along with her husband, saw Popeye and it was love at first sight. They knew immediately that they had to do something, and after not finding the pup’s previous owners, they adopted Popeye and life has been pretty good for the former stray ever since.

Just how good, you may ask?

Well, let’s just say that not all dogs, nor people, can afford to be taken out to restaurants all over Los Angeles, and yet, Popeye has done that, and then some.

Now an Instagram star with 390k followers, Popeye, who is now known as “Popeye the Foodie Dog” is living the life.

Be sure to scroll down below to see how Popeye is doing these days.