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Brannon Addison’s Embroideries Are Tiny and Endearing

We've lately taken to Brannon Addison's tiny botanical embroideries. Known online as "Happy Cactus Designs", Addison creates one-of-a-kind pieces of hand embroidered artwork and home decor items.

These Crocheted Pieces Are Anything But Traditional

Artist, performer, and professional wrestler Mikki Yamashiro creates bold, playful, and all around cool crochet works. Based in Los Angeles, California, she learned to crochet at an early age...

Naíma Almeida’s Artwork Is a Colorful Explosion

Brazilian graphic designer, Naíma Almeida, transforms her two-dimensional illustrations into 3D works of wonder, using primarily hand-cut felt. Her pieces are a colorful burst of creativity...

Artist Creates Vibrant Portraits Using African Fabrics

Artist Bisa Butler creates vibrant portraits using colorful fabrics, turning her creations into quilt-like magic. Drawing inspiration from African textures and textiles, she layers her fabrics to form her African...

Drawing with Fabric: Benjamin Shine’s Tulle Portraits

British artist Benjamin Shine draws hyper-realistic faces using only tulle. No brushes, sprays or palettes are used; Shine only relies on an iron to shape the tulle and create surprising veiled...


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