This Artist’s Embroideries Literally Pop Off the Fabric

Embroidery is a craft that’s been around for hundreds of years. So what more can be done with it that hasn’t been done yet? According to Ipnot, a lot.

Ipnot is a Japanese embroidery artist who’s invented her own style of embroidery. She originally learned how to embroider from her grandmother, and used the craft as a creative outlet.

But soon she started experimenting with the craft, she discovered that by using a specia stitch known as the French knot, she could create 3D embroidery. She used the new technique to create tiny embroidered sculptures.

Ipnot’s sculptures evolved with time, and today she’s able to create 3D miniatures that pop of the fabric and look incredibly realistic. She can create tiny pizza slices that seem to float in the air above the pizza or coffee that’s spilling from a floating mug.

She makes more than just food sculptures: she can also recreate popular emojis, logos of famous brands, tiny animals, and even people! Sometimes her art is so realistic, the only way to tell if from the real thing is by its tiny scale.

We hope Ipnot keeps creating her lovely embroidery and that she continues adding beauty to our world with her art!