Tania Lissova Will Win Your Heart With Her Handcut Paper Plants

Paper artists are constantly leaving us in awe with their incredible creations, but Tania Lissova took things to a whole new level. She made a name for herself by creating miniature paper plants, and she’s not even using scissors in the process!

Russian paper artist studied architecture and arts in college, so she’s no stranger to modeling, drawing and creating illustrations. This experience prepared her for her chosen path–a career as a paper artist who specializes in crafting three-dimensional paper plants.

Lissova uses different types of paper in different colors to bring her flowers to life, but scissors are rarely a part of her creative process. Her paper plants are so tiny that they’re basically useless, so she prefers using sharp precision cutters and blade tools instead.

Each of her tiny masterpieces requires a lot of patience, but they’re definitely worth it. Some of them look so realistic you’ll have to look twice before realizing they’re not actual plants, and each one tells a different story and stands as a true testament of Lissova’s incredible talent.