Instagram Page Diet Prada Finds Humor in High Fashion

No matter how much you love fashion, you must admit that some of the looks we see on the red carpet are truly questionable and over-the-top. There’s nothing wrong with finding humor in them, and that’s exactly what the Instagram page Diet Prada does on a daily basis.

Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler started the account back in 2014, and they’ve attracted 1.7 million followers ever since. They’re always keeping an eye on all the important events in the fashion industry, and their posts range from serious criticism to hilarious comparisons.

Diet Prada’s posts are not necessarily mean spirited and people find humor in them because they’re not afraid of saying what we’re all thinking. Each major red carpet event and runaway show brings a couple of pretty lol-inducing looks and laughing about them is a unique communal experience.

The main purpose of Diet Prada, however, isn’t to make fun of questionable fashion choices of our favorite celebrities. This page primarily serves as a watchdog for the fashion industry, and they’re using their power to expose copycat designs, while also giving praise to the stars who impressed them with their red carpet looks.