Tati Compton’s Tattoos Embody the Spirit of Punk

With tattoo art, oftentimes it’s not what you choose to put down on your skin it’s who you choose to do it. With so many tattoo artists, there’s a lot to choose from these days. But if you’re looking for that extra something, something, we recommend heading to Tatiana Kartomten (aka Tati Compton).

With a whopping 260k followers on Instagram, she’s sort of a celebrity when it comes to stick-n-poke tattoos. A self-taught tattoo artist (but aren’t they all?), most of her early clients had never even heard of stick-n-poke – a traditional form of body art that involves using a sharp point and some ink. “I always liked that it’s a lowbrow art form,” observed Compton in an interview with Amadeus.

According to Kartomten, she gave and received her first tattoo when she and her friend hand-poked each other’s fingers. “I started with friends at home in San Francisco,” she recalled. “We wanted to do it then and there, and I had sewing needles and India ink. I became a professional over a long period of time.”

Working out of Saved Tattoo in LA’s Arts District, these days Compton only takes bookings a month in advance. “I’ve never wanted recognition,” she admits, “which is why tattooing is great because it’s for someone else.”

Find inspiration for your next tattoo in the gallery below: