The Amazing Makeup Optical Illusion of Kika

Image via kikastudio/Instagram

Originally from Serbia, Mirjana “Kika” Milosevic aka Kika Studio has become a specialist in original and impressive makeup. Often dedicated to fiction characters from film and television, the young make-up artist creates videos in which she shows us step by step her makeup process.

In 2016, Mirjana won the Nyx Face Awards, an international makeup festival. Since then, she continues to publish videos that rely on optical illusion based on a black background. Inspired by Tim Burton’s film, she created for example a make-up version of a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. More recently, she has offered us a tribute to the film The Grinch.

Still, her most popular creations are surely those in which the young woman uses trompe l’oeil that deforms her body. You can check out some of her impressive optical illusions below.