Drainspotting: Tokio Organizes a Festival Dedicated to Manhole Covers

Image via manholecovers/Instagram

If you visit Japan, your eyes will undoubtedly be attracted by splendid works on the ground. If you move closer a little, you will discover those are actually manholes adorned with beautiful drawings and paintings.

Today those have become true stars of the Japanese culture (95% of the cities in Japan have in their streets such decorated manholes), and they have their own festival which took place last weekend in Tokyo.

Visitors can admire the different creations, leave with their miniature copies of manhole covers, purchase collector cards with their effigy or even consume those manhole covers, reproduced in the form of biscuits. All in the name of art!

Check out some wonderful examples of manhole covers below, courtesy of an Instagram account collecting photos of the most beautiful ones.