The Unique Hair Art of Rob Ferrel

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Rob Ferrel is a barber who has a serious interest in art in general. After moving from Los Angeles to San Antonio, he aspired to become an accomplished artist but he soon got opportunities for career in the hair-styling business.

With his experience in drawing, the barber who is more known by his the nom de plume Rob the Original, now offers his clients some pretty original haircuts. From portraits of stars to geometric shapes and logos, Rob pushes the boundaries of hair design.

The young man is not limited to drawing with a hair trimmer: he also does portraits with salt, oregano or with folded clothes. Regarding his hair-styling achievements, Rob has made portraits of Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Princess Leia or Drake. On the side of art history, he managed to reproduce Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a portrait of Salvador Dali or a version of the painting “The Last Supper”.

In case you’re interested to become a canvas for his next masterpiece, probably you should consider visiting his studio when you’re around.