The Best Gyro In Toronto

Do you know what gyro is? Do you even know how to pronounce it? Yes, neither did we. But leave linguistics aside and imagine crispy, juicy pieces of pork, wrapped in a warm pita bread and topped with tzatziki sauce, onions and tomatoes, and what you get is a gyro, the very heart of traditional Greek street cuisine. 

In 2007, Toronto got its first authentic Greek restaurant that instantly became a hotspot for foodies. Now, thirteen years later, it feels like nothing has changed in the “Greek Grill Restaurant,” with chefs Dimitri and Kostas there to prepare you a mouth-watering traditional gyro or anything you want, even customized offers, and give you an extra smile as a side.  

The quality and the taste of the food speak for themselves, and the atmosphere in the restaurant will get you as close as it can to Greece. They even offer full-on catering services for your special occasions. Whether it’s your birthday, wedding, graduation, or just a typical Sunday lunch, “The Greek Grill Restaurant” has your back. If you arrange it in advance, you can get even get an entire lamb or pig. Grilled, of course!