The Dot Watch – The First Tactile Braille Watch

In an era when almost everything is digital including books, manuals and newspapers, social media is the main way to stay connected with people. But, it’s been hard for people with impaired vision to keep up. Luckily, the Dot Watch is here to change everything. The Dot Watch is the first watch that has a tactile screen and delivers information using Braille. 

This modern wrist watch tells you the time and date, has an alarm clock, timer and a stopwatch. But this is not even a bit of what the Dot Watch can do. When the Dot Watch is paired with a smartphone, it receives phone calls and the display shows the caller, so you can hang up or take the call. Also, it translates the messages you receive on your smartphone to Braille, saving them for later.

Besides messages, The Dot Watch can also display your social media notifications or even tweets, posts and new stories! You can also choose from nine languages and customize your watch as you wish.  

Check out this innovative piece of technology below!