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Minimized, Affordable Living or a One-Person, Private Prison?

A Former Rolls Royce engineer, Jag Virdie believes he has found the solution to one of the biggest problems in the world - the desperate state of the real estate market. 

This French Illustrator is Inspired by Our Obsession with Technology

Famous French illustrator Jean Jullienis finds inspiration in our technology-related habits, observing that people are more and more dependent on their phones and social media. “His...

Have You Ever Seen An Animated Wall?

We live in an ever-progressive world where new ideas and innovations keep popping up from different fields of life around the world. This one would blow you away.

The Dot Watch – The First Tactile Braille Watch

In an era when almost everything is digital including books, manuals and newspapers, social media is the main way to stay connected with people. But, it’s been hard for people with impaired vision to keep up....

Check Out This Smartphone That Has Just Two Features

Can you imagine living your life without your phone? Not being able to check all your applications, Instagram posts of your friends or share your thoughts on Twitter? Can you imagine...


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