Minimized, Affordable Living or a One-Person, Private Prison?

A Former Rolls Royce engineer, Jag Virdie believes he has found the solution to one of the biggest problems in the world – the desperate state of the real estate market. 

His philosophy is to take what we have and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, design it. So, he did.  

He designed living capsules – small square spaces in which people can lead a normal life. 

The capsules are shaped like a ball, 9 meters in diameter and a 10 square meters floor area. 

There isn’t a standard model of what the capsules look like inside because you design it by your needs. You log in, register and you design how you want it to look, and soon enough it becomes yours because it only takes one day to install it.  

The price is 20,000 euros which if you compare it to a house is unbelievably low.   

The capsules are mobile and can be connected to other capsules if you want to add a bathroom and kitchen while you still have a private space. 

Even better, this might be a solution to homelessness and it can help families or students in need of a cheap home.