What Happens When Cosplays are Just Too Adorable?

Cosplay is a trend that doesn’t seem to go away.  It’s everywhere from New York to Japan and often when you see pictures from someone who is really good at it, you might fight yourself wondering if it’s real-life or fantasy?  

Cosplay is so popular that even cats and dogs started taking part in it. But today we give you something different to laugh your heart out. 

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Today we give you Madam Fuzzberta, the adorable guinea pig who likes to dress up, looks fabulous doing it, and flirts with the camera as if she was born to be a star! 

Of course, she has an Instagram account, which she shares with a few of her friends and her fur family, but at the end of the day, Fuzzberta is the main star. 

Harry Potter, Princess Lea, Pokémon, a police officer, her costumes are very versatile and she always keeps up with the latest trends.  

Fuzzberta is so cute and tiny, she will melt your heart the same way she has to her other 219K followers, and we want to thank her for being a breath of fresh air in our standard, everyday Instagram home page.