Check Out This Smartphone That Has Just Two Features

Can you imagine living your life without your phone? Not being able to check all your applications, Instagram posts of your friends or share your thoughts on Twitter? Can you imagine actually being able to sit down with someone and have a conversation without including your smartphone? Doing your homework, watching a movie, going to a concerts or literally any type of show without constantly checking who liked your photo and commented on your status? Well, it seems like the end of the era of phone addictions may be over because of phones like MotoZen.

Designed by Miguel Harry, this phone gives you your freedom back! With only two functions, communication and photography, this phone is perfect for everyone who is tired of being a slave of their own smartphone and online social life. Each side serves only one function which allows a simple experience. When it’s not in use, the interface fades away and highlights the unique and compact design. The fact that there are no applications means nothing will disturb you and you’ll commit your attention to the people around you instead of constantly staring at a screen.

What do you think? Are you in to going back to having a smartphone turned basic?