The Hypnotic Sculptures of Anthony Howe

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Anthony Howe never ceases to amaze us with his art. His latest project to date is his impressive kinetic sculptures. These gargantuan sculptures are powered by the wind or engines that allow the creation of hypnotic movements, similar to tentacles or extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Weighing up to 1600 lb (725 kg), each work is first digitally constructed to test its wind resistance and study its movements once on foot. Last three of those sculptures, named Di-Octo, In Cloud Light III and Switchback, are the latest addition to the portfolio of the established artist.

Cloud III is made of stainless steel and is close to 8 meters high. It can withstand extremely violent winds while Switchback operates with a variable speed gear motor and can function both indoors and outdoors.

You can see some photos and videos of Howe’s kinetic sculptures below.

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