The Optical Illusion Sculptures of Pascal Buclon

Image via pascalbuclon/Instagram

The works of French artist Pascal Buclon depend on where you stand when you look at them. By playing with perspective, the metal sculptures can be seen as animals from one angle and a completely different thing from a different angle. If at first sight the sculpture seems abstract, the installation is metamorphosed to give life to a cat, a dog or a character.

Passionate about forms, Pascal Buclon has for a long time translated his vision of the world through the design of advertising images and everyday objects. Today, devoting himself exclusively to painting, sculpture and drawing, he gives us an original and colorful visions, drawing on images of everyday life, photography and comics to tell the many facets of the world.

Superimposing personal experiences, memories and topical themes, he uses the clear black lines to grasp the contours of his subjects, and highlight the oppositions. Up close, his works are reminiscent of colorful mosaics, whose flat areas of abstract colors take shape as soon as the eye moves away and feature the characters of his contemporary frescoes.

Through his art, Pascal Buclon invites us to reflect on the contradictions of our time and to reflect on the world around us.

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