The Origami Robots of Dani Alba

In 2019, the Gundam saga will celebrate its forty years of existence. Artist Dani Albam who’s a Great fan of the saga, started to create origami in the form of some of the most popular Japanese robots including Gundam, Evangelion or Transformers.

Dating from the late 70’s, Gundam is a Japanese animation franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate which is not just a series, but a complete saga with a multitude of storylines; we are far from reaching the end of the franchise.

Since last year, Alba has been making remarkable origami robots. From a Megazord from Power Rangers to Kshatriya, from Gundam to Evangelion, the young artist still has a serious preference for robots from the Gundam series. And he shares his creations in his Instagram account that has more than 4500 followers.

See his impressive “paper mechs” in the photos below!