The Pixelated Wooden Sculptures of Hsu Tung Han

A glitch is something that you mainly expect in digital art. Artist Hsu Tung Han also applies it in an analogue art form: sculptures made of wood.

With his images, it looks as if they were digitized and that a software malfunction occurred during the process. The shapes of the human bodies or heads are not nicely flowing, but have ‘disturbances’ in square and rectangular shapes. Those who look closely will see that the sculptures as a whole consist of this kind of blocks. You could consider them as “analogue pixels”.

Hsu Tung Han builds his works like a puzzle. First he makes a sketch on paper, then he works it out with the help of clay and when he is satisfied, he builds the final version out of wood. Cubes of wood together form a human (or sometimes animal) figure, including intriguing digital glitches. These give the viewer the feeling that they are looking at computer art.

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