The Wood Stacking Sculptures of Gil Bruvel

Image via gilBruvel/Instagram

For several years now, artist Gil Bruvel has been making beautiful sculptures in wood or stainless steel that will make you feel like you’re carried away by the wind. Using long metallic ribbons, he will make you discover his totally fascinating universe.

In recent months, the artist has changed his preferred material and switched to natural wood. For his figurative sculptures, Gil Bruvel stacks wooden baton sticks that he can organize and paint to give life to his portraits. According to the point of view for to the spectators, the pixilated and painted sculpture looks abstract or figurative. In his latest Instagram posts, one discovers sculptures of faces obtained with a superposition of layers of pieces of wood.

It was at the age of 9 that the Australian-born artist discovered sculpture but later he also took interst in painting. For 40 years now, this artist amazes people with his futuristic achievements that are intended to reveal “an essential underlying fluidity.”