Check These Funny and Audacious Photomontages Out

Image via combophoto/Instagram

A box of cereals emptied into a 10-meter long truck, an arm of a bulldozer becoming an ice cream scoop; a boxing glove becoming a red tomato: Stephen McMennamy is an advertising graphic designer who has worked for years in US multinational companies, working on much more complex projects than what we’re discussing here.

Yet for his #ComboPhotos project, lightness, mixed with imagination, gives to the viewer light and funny images of everyday life. The choice of bright colors completes the path that the artist is pursuing, making all the works enjoyable and carefree.

All he needs to create these (and many more) surreal photomontages is a smartphone, an app called PicFrame and a fantasy to mix mediums and environments. There is no doubt that creativity has no limits, but lately he has switched from mobile devices and apps to a professional camera and Photoshop. Probably due to this now his collages look almost perfect.

So let’s lose ourselves in a world made of dogs with a head of cauliflower and brushes with bristles of spaghetti. Enjoy some of McMennamy’s collages below.