These Adorable Illustrations of Two Raccoons Will Make Your Day

Have you ever heard about the “Coon Tales”? No? Well, we can’t exactly blame you. Most people haven’t. Or, rather, they probably don’t know that it was part of the “Coon Tales” that they were looking at, but they’ve probably seen adorable illustrations of two raccoons who are up to random things before.

After all, the Coon Tales has been going on for around two years now, with the artist, Laura Anca Adascalitei, having updated it regularly after starting it as part of Inktober 2017.

In case you’re wondering, the names of the raccoons are George and Steve.

Just like every other raccoon, they like to have fun, which means that they travel a lot and take part in their fair share of mischief. But, they’re also quite intelligent and seem to have developed an interest in art history. Also, these raccoons do the keeping, as they have their own very cool pet as well.

In any case, if you’re curious about the things that George and Steve have been up to, be sure to scroll down below.