Woman Battles Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Photos

Self-esteem issues are no joke.

Renata Neia felt extremely self-conscious after giving birth to her second child. But she didn’t let that get the better of her. Instead, she decided to channel all her feelings to something positive.

What did she do? She started recreating celebrity photos and put her own twist to them for everyone to see.

The whole thing, which first started just because she wanted to see if the diet she was going on was actually working, has now completely blown up to the tune of her having 21.3k followers on Instagram (and growing). In fact, some of Renata’s biggest fans are actors and actresses, including Giovanna Antonelli, who actually met with Renata personally after the entire thing went viral.

Be sure to scroll down below to see more of Renata Neia’s hilarious recreations.