This Japanese Cafe Looks Like It Came Out of a Cartoon

Unusual doesn’t even begin to describe this pop-up coffee shop that recently opened right in the center of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo.

Found somewhere in the Shin Okubo district, 2D Cafe is a coffee shop that delivers exactly what its name says — it’s a place that looks like it was taken straight out of a cartoon.

Right from the moment you entered the place, you’ll feel as if you transported into a different universe, as if everything around you isn’t real. The effect is accomplished through the color use of monochrome decor and white furnishings, as well as other small details that help complete the 2D look.

Scratch that. The furniture isn’t even monochrome at all. Instead, it’s two-tones, with white flat surfaces and black stripes that act like sketch lines to make the entire place look like a comic book.

Ordering food and drinks at the 2D Cafe makes for a surreal experience because the colors just pop in contrast to the background. Also, unlike other “instagrammable” places that don’t seem to put effort into creating quality food and drinks, the 2D Cafe actually draws in visitors as much for its unusual design as for their delicious offerings.

If in case you find yourself planning a trip to Japanese anytime soon, then you’ll definitely want to make the 2D Cafe a part of your itinerary.

Be sure to scroll down below to get a glimpse of this highly unconventional cafe.