These Beautiful Cakes Tell An Amazing Story

Sometimes, we set ourselves insane goals, and through hard work and dedication, we manage to achieve incredible things. That’s what Miri Nadler did wheh she decided she wanted to become a pastry chef.

Most pastry chefs go through long and difficult training, where experienced teachers and mentors teach how to work with the tools of the trade to achieve perfection every time. Nadler didn’t have all that. She was just a foodie who wanted to teach herself how to bake.

She set out to achieve that goal by documenting her learning process in her blog, titled “Miri in the Village”. She used to work in administration in a luxury bakery, so she watched and learned. Then she saw pastry chefs in Asia decorate cakes using palette knives, and decided to try and figure out that technique all by herself.

Eventually, with a lot of hard work and through trial and error, she managed to figure it out and created gorgeous cakes decorated with huge flowers. She knew she had to do something with her newfound skills – so she opened her own bakery.

Since 2016, Nadler has been designing cakes for her own bakery, 10 Bloom Cakes, situated in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her cakes are like nothing you’ve ever seen – just like her incredible background story.