These Illustrations Are Pure Magic

Most times, when we think about art, we think about huge oil paintings that hang in museums, depicting royalty, war, and other grand moments in history. But art can also be a small watercolor painting depicting everyday moments. Such is Heikala’s art.

Heikala is an artist based in Finland. After graduating art school with a degree in graphic design, she went on to become a full-time illustrator. She’s illustrated for books and magazines, and her designs were even printed on apparel and accessories.

Heikala’s work is inspired by Japanese art, and specifically manga and anime. She describes her work as “cute”, but there’s so much more to it than that. Her style isn’t just inspired by Japanese drawing techniques, but also by Japanese themes, such as nature and magical creatures.

Whether it’s a mermaid sitting on a frog or a young person doing their laundry, all of Heikala’s illustrations have the same magical atmosphere. It’s as though she’s telling us that we don’t need to be a witch or wizard to enjoy the small moments of magic in our own lives. It’s not about escaping our world to another, more interesting one – it’s about rediscovering the magic that already surrounds us.  

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