These Breathtaking Surreal Animal Paintings Reinvent Nature

Jon Ching is an artist located in Los Angeles whose mesmerizing surreal oil paintings of birds will take your breath away. He paints mostly wildlife, and his specialty is birds. Ching’s goal is to underline the connection between birds and nature. Therefore, he uses special techniques of manipulating colors and textures to turn the traditional art of painting birds as subjects into something new and innovative. Every one of his paintings is rendered to every single detail, and the compositions of paintings are full of metaphors.   

Ching’s interest in birds began after he discovered a fascinating bird photography book. He became inspired by the complexity and power of birds. In his paintings of bird portraits, he replaces things that look similar to appreciate nature’s interconnectedness and adaptation.

Ching is impressed by the symbiosis found in nature as a natural phenomenon and as a metaphor.   

If you’d like to rest your eye and inspire yourself by some fine art, we strongly recommend scrolling down and checking out Ching’s paintings!