Artist Creates Colorful 3D Art With a Twist

When Parsa Mohseni Rad started creating art at 13 she had no idea it would become her life. She began experimenting with Photoshop, editing and mixing pictures, learning about compositions and color combinations.

“After trying drawing and finding its way too limiting for myself, I got introduced to 3D art,” the artist shared in an interview for Ballpit. “Absolutely loved the freedom it gives to the artist. Doesn’t matter how impossible the concept is, it’s possible to make in 3D.”

Rad is inspired by everything that surrounds her or anyone who thinks out of the box.

“Sometimes I actually see ‘memes’ which in people have combined something with something else for the laugh, for example, I saw one where someone had put a Snickers bar as the magazine in a handgun! Those kinds of stuff make a sparkle in my brain,” she added.

If you are curious to see her work, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram for more.