This Designer Creates Fish-Inspired Cases And Bags

Don Fisher is a business that creates unique fish-shaped cases that was founded by graphic designer and creator Julia Castaño. The project was born back in 2013 when the artist felt she had to change something in her life. Like all beginnings, the start of Don Fisher wasn’t an easy task; they couldn’t afford to rent a workplace, and Castaño was designing and sewing the products herself.

Nordic design, minimal shapes, pastel hues and simplicity with a pinch of humor are the main characteristic of the fish-shaped cases and bags. The artist also gets inspired by her fellow Spanish designers, like Adriana Esperalba and Verónica de Arriba and illustrators Kate Pugsley and Bodil Jane.

“Art is key! We are lucky enough to be surrounded by really talented and creative people, true artists,” they shared in an interview for Ballpit. “Art makes us think outside the box, forces us to be clever… art makes the world a better place to live in, as cheesy and cliché it may sound!”

Scroll down and check out the business below.