Russian Artist Creates Beautiful Embroidered Nature

Tatyana is a Moscow-based embroider who has been doing handicraft her entire life; she used to do cross-stitching, however, her embroidery journey began much later.

The self-taught artist has been creating beautiful landscapes that you can touch and feel. She says that she would like to inspire people with her embroideries and brighten up their mood daily.

“My embroiders represent what I feel right now, I consider it to be a true form of art. It comes from the heart,” the artist told in an interview for Ballpit. “I can create a landscape that you can touch and feel. I mean, you can through your fingers, for example, touch the sky or to stroke the sea or green grass.”

If you scroll down through her Instagram gallery you will find colorful tulip and sunflower fields, romantic sunsets, and beautiful mountains. When she is creating her masterpieces, she doesn’t pick the colors of threads in advance, she does it while she is embroidering.

To see the talented Tatyana’s work, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram for more.