These Cat Bags are Trending in Japan

We know that there are many cat lovers among our readers and you’ll all be happy to know that one Japanese artist, who is also a huge cat fan, makes adorable fluffy bags that look exactly like our furry friends.

Pico Miho, a self-taught artist from Japan, started making these lovely bags two years ago and she didn’t know her creation would become a huge trend in her country. Miho’s feline handbags are all handcrafted; they consist of 78 parts and are the size of a real cat.

“I’ve always loved cats since I was a kid and always worked with stuffed animals everywhere. I wanted a ‘stuffed cat’ that I could take outside even as an adult. But a cute plush is embarrassing… so I made it in a way that looks real and has a reason for one to carry it around,” the artist told Bored Panda.

These handbags really do look very real and they cost up to $950. But keep in mind that they’re all made by hand and the artist needs a lot of time and effort to make one.

Take a look at these adorable bags in the photos below.