These Cute Ceramic Planters Will Be a Perfect Home for Your Plants

Two Hold Studios is an adorable design studio run by Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong and Alexander Clinthorne. Their Cutie Planters are quickly becoming a hit on Etsy and for a good reason. They are basically planters that look like human heads and the plants you put in them become the hair. The final result is just adorable.

“Two Hold Studios brings two distinct design perspectives together that result in a unified vision of dreamy and comforting whimsy. Alexander Clinthorne and Kimberlie Wong first met in 2011 during their Bachelors of Fine Arts Program. Since then, they have both gone on to develop eclectic bodies of work in their own disciplines. Working to each other’s strengths, each product is a one of a kind amalgamation of careful hand-pinched and hand-painted collaboration,” we read on their website. “Two Hold Studios is based on the island of Oahu. They can be found online at their Etsy shop (formerly on tictail), and in numerous galleries located in Hawai’i’, Montana, California, and Michigan.”

See their planters below.