This Creamery Makes The Dreamiest Ice Cream

You know what they say, nothing beats a hot day in Miami like a scoop of really good, home-made ice-cream. And if you’re looking for the best ice-cream in town, we have just the place for you.  

Midtown Creamery is a Miami based ice-cream shop owned by Andrew and his wife Suzanne. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, they brought their skills and mixed them with a ray of local sunshine, and the results? The best-looking ice cream you’ll ever see in your life. They claim their secret ingredient is fanaticism, but we think that it’s more cereal, chocolate and caramel fudge all mixed together.  

Midtown Creamery serves 16 flavors on a rotating basis and the flavors are crazy good. 

Their best seller is Nutella-Oreo, followed by cake batter with sprinkles. If you want something more exotic, they have an incredible passionfruit ice cream paired with guava and cream cheese cookies. 

There are three choices of cone: a bubble waffle cone, chocolate cone or – the hit of the day, a bowl made out of your favorite cereal!  

They heat up marshmallows, and mix them with the cereal of your choice. Then, they shape the batter into a bowl and put your ice-cream in it. Did the little kid inside wake up?  Did it hear that you can mix cereal with ice-cream? Even for breakfast if it so wants! You can thank Midtown Creamery for that.