These Delicate Embroideries Were Inspired by Nature

Embroidery artist Lauren Holton sort of stumbled into her craft by chance. “I’m a stay-at-home-mama with a creative spirit,” admitted the Seattle-based artist in an interview with Très Chic Stitchery. “I’ve always been drawn to art—both collecting it and making it. I have tried my hand at ceramics, knitting, sewing, and painting. A couple of years ago I stumbled into hand-embroidery on a whim and never looked back.”

“It just clicked for me. I love working with fiber and bringing the ideas in my head to life in a way that I never could with other mediums,” she stressed. Now, she commits fully to what she calls “contemporary embroidery,” making intricate designs that are in full bloom. She also runs an Etsy shop where she sells her embroidered pieces for reasonable prices.

“Embroidery is really methodical, which is very soothing to me,” she explained. “I love how portable it is, and how it’s always waiting for me exactly how and where I left it. I love that I can incorporate any idea I have into an embroidery design, so I can depict whatever kind of content is moving me at the time.”

And talking about her inspiration, she added: “I find most of my inspiration in nature. I try to spend as much time as I can out in nature—whether in my own garden or out in the woods. When I can’t get outside as much as I’d like (winter in the Pacific Northwest can be pretty dreary), I often find inspiration on the internet by looking at beautiful photos of landscapes, well-designed interiors, and color combinations in dreamy floral bouquets.”

Check out some of her delightful pieces.