These Linocut Print Technique Will Amaze You

Linocut printing is a unique form of art and it is so satisfying to watch. This artist shows how to make art with it and the process is so intriguing.

The video below shows a California-based artist, Ellen Von Wiegand, making out a linocut print.

Linocut is an art technique that deals with printmaking. This art concept makes use of a sheet of linoleum for a relief surface. Ellen carves her desired design into the surface of this material, by using a knife or some other appropriate tools. It is done in such a way that the raised portion of the surface represents the mirror image of the portion to be printed.

The linoleum sheet is usually inked with a roller object, referred to as the brayer, after which the image is then printed on paper. Linocut prints can also be printed on fabric materials.

It looks so easy, but it really isn’t. see the video below.