These Mugs Celebrate the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

We all love a good mug. Callahan Foose is a ceramicist from Colorado who makes perfect handmade mugs, tumblers, planters, and other unique pieces of art inspired by the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest landscape. He creates beautiful, dreamy pieces that depict mountains, lakes, canyons, sunsets, and skies.

Foose is very talented with pottery, and his creativity shows throughout his Instagram page. His pieces look like abstract paintings of natural landscapes, and sometimes there are even three-dimensional elements implemented within them.

Foose makes all sorts of home products, sticking to pastel colors. He admits that when he begins the process of creating, he never knows how it will end. His pieces can be bought online, and sell out really fast! 

Check out the pictures below to get familiar with this amazing artist: