Ukranian Artist Repaints Dolls to Make Them Perfectly Imperfect

We live in a world full of unrealistic standards, photoshop, and beauty filters. Natural beauty is something so rare it feels like a breath of fresh air. While some people like to share their photos on Instagram without any editing, Olga Kamenetskaya decided to do the same only with dolls.  

The Ukrainian artist started painting dolls as a hobby, but over time this has become her full-time job. She uses mass-produced dolls like Barbies, transforming them into realistic beauties. 

But there’s a catch! Each doll has some “imperfection”, to make her all the more real. “I don’t like it when the face of the doll is ideally and perfectly symmetrical, It makes her lifeless,” she says.

Kamenetskaya does more than just repaint the dolls, she also changes their shape and size and uses wigs to make them even more realistic. With over 60k followers on Instagram, it seems that other people are catching on to her message.

Take a look at her unique dolls: