These Objects’ Uniqueness Lies in Their Simplicity

There’s an irony to Jessica Dance’s textile art. Created after everyday objects (anything from sneakers and smartphones to ketchup bottles and coffee mugs), they’re meant to hint at the excess and overproduction in our fast-paced, immediate society; “the irony being each knitted or embroidered piece that I make has taken hours/days/weeks to create,” remarked Dance in an interview with Lifestyle Tails.

An interior designer and model maker, Dance specializes in crafting models and props used in advertising campaigns, editorial commissions, window displays, and art installations. Her selected clients include brands like Christian Louboutin, Google, Mulberry, and Selfridges, making her seemingly ordinary objects a novelty that’s high on demand.

“I’m often inspired by very ‘normal’ everyday items, items that portray the luxury of choice and comfort in the western world,” she remarks. “I always aim for my work to be graphical, with a playful edge,” she adds. Her day to day includes sculpting, knitting or stitching.

According to Dance, knitting and embroidery are typically perceived as “feminine crafts”. However, she aims to take gender out of the equation when it comes to her work itself. “I always strive to produce a carefully considered design, with a strong concept, using quality materials,” she stressed.