These Saint Seiya-themed Mini Sculptures Are Made of Ferrero Rocher Wrapps

Chinese artist Ciro Wai has fun shaping the miniature sculptures with golden wrappers from Ferrero Rocher. Starting with Pikachu and a dragon, the gourmet artist started a series of sculptures dedicated to the characters from Saint Seiya (The Knights of the Zodiac), a cult series of the ’80s for a generation of fans. From the Lion Golden Knight to the Sagittarius Golden Knight through Aries, Taurus or Libra, the Knights of the Zodiac present the characters named after zodiac signs in a gourmet version.

In the meantime, the eponymous manga series is preparing its return. Announced in 2017, the new 12-episode “Knights of the Zodiac” remake will be released on Netflix next summer. Entirely made in CGI, the series called Knights of the Zodiac – Saint Seiya, is the fruit of a collaboration between Studio Toei (Dragon Ball) and Netflix.