The Cardboard Sculptures of Kai-Xiang Xhong

Taiwanese sculptor uses recycled cardboard to create works of art, such as animals or monsters. Nicknamed the “Tony Stark of Cardboard” in reference to his impressive achievement in 2014 of a cardboard Iron Man, Kai-Xiang Zhong (a.k.a. ZhongGe) decided to give a second life to the ordinary cardboard boxes. The idea came to him while he was still a student in college.

Among Zhong’s primary interests are animals, monsters, robots and dinosaurs. Having designed them for a long time, he changed his career and turned wholly to cardboard sculptures. While respecting the appearance of his creatures, the 24-year-old artist also wants to convey an emotion, bringing many details to the development of his works.

After creating lots of animals, the artist has also started a collection of insects and switched lately even to human figures such as Pennywise , the scary clown from “It”.