These Surreal Photos Blend the Ordinary with the Extra-Ordinary

If you’re a fan of photography on Instagram, you must have come across the reality-defying pictures of Photofied. The digital artist behind this page, Justin Main, uses photoshop as well as in-depth knowledge of photography to create mind-bending imagery.

His special brand of illusionism has drawn more fans to his social media pages. This has also promoted his work as an artist.

Main’s pieces have some metaphysical underpinnings that make them pleasantly satisfying while giving viewers food for thought. These creations are nothing short of mind-boggling.

Main believes that he can speak to others through his images, and this propels him to push harder in order to effect some changes through his art. This digital artist is one revered on social media and in the art world.

Scroll below to some of his excellent creations.

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The city in the sky 🌤️

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